2012 WordPress and Mobile Websites

Looking back on technology changes in 2012 – the website builder and content manager WordPress has really become more and more important and technology is being developed to make websites easier to view on smart phones – mobile websites.


I’ve already worked on optimizing WordPress websites  with two clients and my non-profit organization, The Woman’s Club of Red Bank. The themes in the website builder area search engine friendly and even though the design of a new website require more web experience than the average business owner, they can easily update web pages!

All this is perfect for SEO. Some might have thought that it would take away SEO work but instead it has created an engaging experience and the content is always FRESH!

Mobile Websites

On another note, mobile websites are getting more and more popular. However some very odd things are happening that would be bad for SEO. Some people are offering free or cheap mobile websites, free always sounds good to business owners but in terms of SEO you are generating duplicate content as there are now 2 websites … very bad for SEO.

As a short term solution, until I have been creating at least 1 mobile HTML pages and adding an icon in the header. This will allow visitors via a phone to easily see the contact information and links to key areas of the website.