social media profile photo vs your logo

The Optimal Profile Images

  1. SQUARE vs CIRCULAR: Most of the social media channels require a SQUARE shape profile image. Often the square image will be uploaded into a circular display. It is highly recommended that you test and retest to make sure the social media auto cropping does not have a negative impact on your graphic.
  2. CONSISTENCY: Use the same or similar images on all your social media account profiles. This might sound obvious but the social media accounts are often created over a period of time and different images are used.
  3. LOGO vs PHOTO: Most of the time you should use your logo, or better yet just the graphic element in your logo. Sometimes it is appropriate to use your photograph as your profile photo, ex: this is expected for the business pages of realtors.
  4. OPTIMAL IMAGE SIZE 600x600px: Each social media channel has its own recommended minimum/maximum image sizes for profiles. We recommend that you use a single image at 600×600 px and upload it to all of your channels.

px = Pixels

Digital images are commonly sized by pixels (px). Most computers have built-in features to identify image sizes and to resize images. However, the use of poor image sizes is the number #1 most common problem with branded materials. This is why photo editing companies such as have become so incredibly popular – they’ve created a drag ‘n drop solution to simplify this process for the average person.

What to do if you have a landscape rectangular logo or no logo at all?

You can either find an image that represents your business, create an acronym/logo, or use the face of your recognizable brand (i.e. the owner, founder, chef…)

Photo vs Logo vs Image

For social media it is important to note that if someone comes to your specific social media business page, they will see your logo/photo. However, most often they will simply see your posts with a very, very small version of your profile photo. Following is an example of how Pepsi just used the graphic aspect of their logo on their facebook page, i.e. no wording. No wording is necessary because this is an extremely popular and recognizable brand, but you also see the company name just to the right.

Most businesses don’t have the marketing teams to develop a branding strategy like Pepsi. But small to medium size businesses can still make sure they have a name and an image that is recognizable.

You can get a marketing company to develop a branding strategy, try photo editing with a company like and do-it-yourself. Or contact us for SEO that will evaluate and optimize your website and social media digital footprint.