5 SEO Best Practices

SEO best practices

Staying consistent and relevant is the key to success with an SEO strategy

When implementing an SEO strategy you should also consider the following five SEO BEST practices to help your consistency and relevancy.

1 – Focus

Define specific business goal(s) and ideal target markets. Don’t just say I want a lot of traffic or a lot of customers. Think about who you are trying to attract and what they are attracted to. You might have multiple target audiences, but address an aspect of your SEO specific to a specific target audience.

2 – Research & Analyze

Identify opportunities, keywords, and visitor behavior. Quite often a business owner has an idea of what keywords they want to be found by… but those are not the terms that their ideal prospects are using. Research! Analyze. And research some more! Talk to the people in your business that answer phone calls or emails. Think about your industry terminology, the terminology your clients, customers, patients use, and research the terms that describe the problems or issues that might lead someone to your … solution.

3 – Making Connections

Integrate your website with other internet properties (accounts) and engage. Think of your website and your social media, newsletters, videos, and podcasts as a hub-and-spoke. There should be interaction between all of them.

4 – Frequency & Relevance

Develop relevant content frequently to attract your target audience and make your digital footprint appear “open for business”. (content meaning words, images, graphics, video, audio)

The best way to develop this practice is to create a content schedule. It helps if you connect the “relevance” to company goals.

5 – Track & Analyze

Usually this is the most over used or under used aspect of SEO. Some business owners follow tracking data to the point of … missing the point. This data best used if looking at goals, trends, seasons, and providing an overview. For many companies starting an SEO campaign the initial ideal “results” are to get the attention of the search engines.

Monitor and analyze results with Google Analytics or other analytic services offered through your hosting company.

These 5 SEO BEST PRACTICES can be accomplished with 1 of 3 different types of SEO campaigns: monthy, diy, or consulting.

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