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Kate Rafferty SEO aka Virtual Where LLC was founded in 2004 when Kate discovered that her website clients were satisfied with their new websites but were not clear about how and when people would start coming to their website(s). Back then not many business owners had bought into the idea that every business needed a website and practically no one knew what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was.

Kate’s consulting services have evolved as
technology has evolved. All of the SEO services are custom and often include collaborations with other professionals working on your business; the website designers, programmers and graphic designers, content writers, photographers, and paid advertisers. Kate will work directly with your web team or can recommend specialists from Internet technology providers and business solution providers.

SEO Industry expert

Kate Rafferty

Kate Rafferty is the founder and SEO consultant. She has worked in the field of Search Engine Optimization since 2004. Prior to that, she was a programmer/software developer and business analyst.  And a website development franchise owner with WSI. 

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