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Al Pirozzoli and I have worked together for 10 years. We met on a mutual client project, an alloy company in Connecticut. Together we explored digital book marketing and the creation of ebooks. Al has written quite a few books. Now we partner on SEO projects.

SEO Content Writer

Al PirozzoliContent writing that makes a difference must be carefully weaved, including keywords. However, the proper inclusion of key words must be written into sentences in such a way that the wording comes across natural and not as though they were dropped in.

Well written content not only engages your readers but should work to persuade. Moreover, in blogs your content will likely be shared via social media and linked to as a resource on other sites and blogs. This works with SEO to help more people find your page so that it gets shared and linked to more outlets.

Writing SEO content requires the same basic principles that apply to all good writing:

  • Know the reader/target audience
  • Engage the reader
  • Speak their language
  • Clarify your unique value difference
  • Understand how to set up an opening, plot and end as in any story
  • Solid headlines and sub-headlines
  • Branding support
  • Keyword density without being obvious or annoying

Yesterday’s brick-and-mortar has become your website, your store, your online presence. Your content should aid in convincing people to do something you want. The ultimate goal is to sell more of your products and services, gain brand-loyal followers, transmit a body of knowledge, gain awareness, have contacts, ask for more information, move transactions—whatever your goal, my writing and marketing and concepts will help you reach the goals.

Marketing by Relying on Technology: The New Myth

Marketing is all about connecting with a would-be audience to establish credibility/affinity while staying on their radar screens through the purchase cycle. There’s a massive amount of Mind Combat going on. However, based on the accelerated use of YouTube, the Cloud, PPC, Hash Tags, Social Networks, Websites, SMS, Hashtags and other technologies, you would think it was all about Technology Combat. It isn’t.

Lost in the Nirvana of technology, a company can totally miss connecting to buyers. Yet many companies fall captive to implementing new marketing technologies and at the same time are losing opportunities to transmit their true value difference. It’s not the cool apps of technology that reaches your audience; it’s actually the message differentiation that aligns with the buyer. The latter allows technology to be effective.

A Marketing Lesson, Brought to You by the Klingons

In Star Trek, Captain Jean-Luc Picard encountered Klingons. Their cloaking technology allowed their ship to become invisible. Cloaking is the antithesis of what your business wants. But without differentiated marketing messages to engage your audience, you are ostensibly invisible.
The Klingons wanted to be invisible. You don’t.

It’s a fact: technology alone doesn’t get you on the buyer’s radar screen, your message alignment with the buyer does. That makes technology work, it’s not the other way around.
The onslaught of daily messages has increased to some 3,000 a day. You can see why I use the phrase, Mind Combat! In this cacophony, you need more than technology applications. In fact, Technology can become your opponent and in fact make you invisible.

The plethora of technology-driven communications overruns buyers with commodity messages. Undifferentiated marketing messages are ignored buyers.

Technology can never make commodity messages attractive to buyers. In fact, it can make you more invisible more often. Consider your own inbox, emails, phone calls, texts and on and on; it’s all technology beating on you for attention. Simple logic says it isn’t the technology that gets to you, it’s the message the technology carries.

The greater the technological assault carrying undifferentiated messages, the more it becomes invisible to targeted audiences. Technology may reach a buyer but it doesn’t mean it will connect with him.

Without writing that’s compelling and convincing, you don’t build sales opportunities or support the brand. I can help and would like to; so call me, text me, email me, send a drone (hold on that), but do something great for your business!

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