COVID19: Open, Closed, or Re-Opening

I have to practice what I preach.

I’m closed – in quarantine – infected with COVID. Don’t feel terribly sick but am extremely tired.

open, closed during coronavirus

I keep telling businesses to keep their digital properties up-to-date during this stressful time as it can aid their SEO and their business!


As different countries, states, and cities are faced with different aspects of this COVID-19 pandemic it’s important for businesses to stay current. Many people have gone home for the shut-down. Many people are working double-time to keep up with their essential work. Every person and every business is being affected differently. Update your website, Google My Business, and Social Media with updates about the status of your business throughout this pandemic!

1 – Website Updates

Keep a COVID-19 page updated. Or Blog or update your home page, or contact page.

2 – Update Google

Let Google know the status of your business by updating your website, updating your Google My Business, and resubmitting on Google Search Console.

3 – Social Media Posts

Keep current updates on your social media platforms.

Let people know if you are open, closed, or have work-from-home contacts.

Expect to be RE-OPEN in January 11, 2021!