Don’t Let Your SEO Marketing Lag over Summer

Depending on your industry, summer might be a slow time with vacations planned throughout June, July, and August. Many business owners stop networking and planning business meetings might seem to be impossible with everyone’s schedules.

But summer is the perfect time to brainstorm and make plans for kicking off your marketing in September. Don’t wait until September to start thinking about it, start planning now.

SEO Summer Planning Ideas

In terms of Search Engine Optimization marketing, this slower season might be a good time to do some of the following:

  1. PHOTOS: take some photos or have a professional photographer come to your business and shoot for the upcoming year. It’s always good to have some photos on hand for SEO whether you’re blogging or using social media – photos are expected.
  2. BRAINSTORM MEETINGS: instead of spending time looking at your Google Analytics during a period or season that you know will be slow, plan some brainstorming meetings with your staff or your SEO persons. Think about your blog categories. Can you schedule content every Friday with FAQ Friday topics. Can you create a content calendar? What about branding?
  3. DEVELOP & SCHEDULE: the slow period is the perfect time to develop some content and schedule it. If you have a WordPress site or another content management system it’s easy to schedule blog posts – just publish on a future date. With HTML site sites you can actually create the content in advance but not put it live until you are ready.
  4. COMPARE PPC, SEO, & EMAIL ANALYTICS: you can either do it yourself, or have your SEO person review your paid advertising analytics, your SEO analytics, and your email newsletter (ConstantContact, MailChimp, MadMimi…). Keep an eye out for integrating your campaigns. Does your PPC campaign use one or more custom landing pages specifically designed for the ads? Does your email newsletter have some consistent links for your website and social media? Any engaging content to get people to connect? Hopefully, your website SEO will already have links to your social media.

If summer is slow for your business, this is a great time to plan your SEO marketing!