24 Hours of Free Marketing Education Online

SEMrush, a company that has great tools for SEO marketers – created the 1st of its kind FREE 24-hour Online Marketing Event! The event was widely, globally received and a huge success. I had a hard time doing any work that day. I frantically listened to experts in the industry on such a wide variety of topics it made my had spin. There were 50 speakers in 4 cities talking online for 24 hours straight! It was WONDERFUL!

The idea was threefold:
  • Learn From the Brightest Minds in the Marketing Industry
  • Find Out What Matters Most in Marketing Today
  • Get Exposed to a Year’s Worth of Marketing Education in 24 Hours

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Global Marketing Day Topics included things like:

  • How Google is Using Machine Learning in Google Analytics with Neha Bansal from Google
  • Maximizing for Social Media: How to Repurpose Your Content for Multiple Platforms with Cristy garrat of CNBC
  • Identifying Search Intent for Varied Audiences with Daniel Morehead of BBC.
  • How to Optimize Each Content Element for SEO with Lyndon Barnett of Vodafone Australia
  • 30 Brand Tips in 15 Minutes – Resources Every Brand Manager Should Know with Liron Smada of Fiverr

One interesting tip that business owners might be interested in:

When asked which is more important to SEO to have a secure website with SSL or to have a mobile responsive website? There was a pause… but answer was for business websites to have the secure SSL certificates. The reasoning was that Google is still in the process of indexing websites with the “mobile first” indexing concept. I was a little surprised, as I have one client that I recommend both the SSL and making is website responsive – and he did the SSL but didn’t do the website upgrade. What happened? He lost his fabulous SEO positioning that I had spent years on developing and improving. And today? His site is being redesigned! 🙂

As I said before there were over 50 speakers! And to make matters even better, SEMrush shared online videos to attendees after the event. So if you missed a topic or wanted to hear it again – which I did. I share this because most of my clients or potential clients probably don’t want to learn the details but perhaps they will be happy to know that I am constantly keeping up to date with new marketing, technology, and SEO ideas and trends.

Thank You SEMrush!

Looking forward to next year’s Global Marketing Day!

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