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Leigh Stoecker

A networking success story! Leigh Stoecker and I have know each other since 2005. We met at a networking meeting, shared office space, and have worked on SEO clients together.

Coming out of a corporate environment, I was unsure as to how well local networking worked. The concept of meeting people at networking meetings was so foreign to me. Although I was warned that it takes times, I was hoping to be able to quickly meet people. When Leigh and I first met we connected, but it is as I look back over time that I appreciate how we networked, shared, and became friends!

In addition to working together, Leigh introduced me to the Woman’s Club of Red Bank, a non-profit organization that I’ve been actively involved with since 2006. I have also collaborated and worked with other professionals thanks to my business and now personal friendship with Leigh. My next door neighbor, Vivian, became a neighbor shortly after our meeting. And Leigh’s business partner Carol Ingaro is another personal and professional friendship that evolved.

More About Leigh Stoecker

Leigh started designing websites with Search Engine Optimization in mind with Single Throw and has since worked with Kate Rafferty on a number of optimized web designs. She is a creative artist / graphic designer of logos, websites, eNewsletters, business cards and other print promotional materials. Leigh’s graphic design work was produced from her companies Leigh Stoecker Graphic Design and then as a partner with Carol Ingaro at Fringe Marketing.

Kate and Leigh met at the Jersey Shore Public Relations and Advertising networking group in 2005 and have worked together ever since. A true networking success story!

Leigh is the designer of the first  Virtual Where logo and website.

Virtual Where Kate Rafferty

Leigh can now be found designing and creating toys on Olli’s Blankie (www.OllisBlankie.com).

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