A Self-Published Kids Picture Book Case Study

Down The Shore with a Seagull Named Sami: A Picture Book Story and Facts About Laughing Gulls

by Kim Ciraulo

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.


SITUATION: Kim had this book in her head. She wrote the book while in lockdown during COVID-19. She conducted the research, obtained photos, and wrote the story. The children’s picture book takes place down the shore (in Belmar, New Jersey). Kim shares a plethora of interesting facts about seagulls in a short story for kids that love going to the beach or love seagulls – specifically Laughing Gulls!

RECOMMENDATION: To me, an SEO professional, Amazon is very similar to Google. If you want your business to be found on the internet you have to show up on Google. If you want your book to be bought online you have to be on Amazon. I met Kim at a number of local New Jersey networking events. When she started telling me about the book in her head I couldn’t help but make suggestions on how I would do it (I too have a book in my head). Because we were all in lockdown, print-on-demand and an ebook on Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP, Amazon was my recommendation.

RESULTS: Kim wrote her book, had it edited/proofread, and gave me the files. I have dabbled in self-publishing on Amazon. I uploaded them to her new KDP Amazon account and voilà she has a book and doesn’t have to worry about distributing a pile of books to stores that aren’t open. Success! Self-publishing on Amazon was the perfect solution for her. And print-on-demand and an ebook was perfect for the times. She doesn’t have a website yet, but you can find her on Facebook.

I particularly have fond memories of going down the shore as kids and the magic of the first smell of the salt air and the sounds of seagulls! I bought the book and because I don’t have little ones, I donated it to my sister’s class of kids with special needs – they are still in virtual learning.

Kim Ciraulo is also the designer of Contagious Phrases greeting cards that can be found on www.zazzle.com/store/contagiousphrases