SEO Sounds Scary?

For those that think the idea of SEO sounds scary, or perhaps zombie brain-numbing…


SEO Tricks and Treats

TRICKS that can help you wrap your head around SEO

  • If you WRITE IT, the search engines can read it. They can’t always interpret graphics.
  • Don’t assume that a computer will know what you are talking about.
  • Use your industry terminology, your business brand terminology, and the lingo that your prospects use.
  • Don’t forget to use synonyms in your content. Have some content written the way your customers, clients, or patients speak.
  • Remember people are using VOICE SEARCH on devices with Siri, Alexa, etc.
  • Minimalism is great for simplicity and ease of use. But a small site that is rarely updated will look … ABANDONED!

TREATS from Successful SEO

  • If the search engines can tell that you are a local business, you will have much less web competition!
  • Google My Business is FREE and extremely useful for local businesses!
  • If you properly brand your business, URL, social media, etc – Google will display all of your properties/listings when searching for your company name.

There are no single, one-time tricks to improve your SEO, it basically takes thoughtful, creative, and consistent work.

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