For those that think the idea of SEO sounds scary, or perhaps zombie brain-numbing…


SEO Tricks and Treats

TRICKS that can help you wrap your head around SEO

  • If you WRITE IT, the search engines can read it. Don’t assume that a computer will know what you are talking about. Use your industry terminology, your business brand terminology, and the lingo that your prospects use. And don’t forget to use synonyms in your content.
  • Have some content written the way your customers, clients, or patients speak. Remember people are using VOICE SEARCH on devices with Siri, Alexa, etc.
  • Minimalism is great for simplicity and ease of use. But a small site that is rarely updated will look … ABANDONED!

TREATS from Successful SEO

  • If the search engines can tell that you are a local business, you will have a much less web competition!
  • Google My Business is FREE and extremely useful for local businesses!
  • If you properly brand your business, URL, social media, etc – Google will display all of your properties/listings when searching for your company name.

There are no single, one-time tricks to improve your SEO, it basically takes thoughtful, creative, and consistent work.

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