DIY SEO Coaching

For the Entrepreneur that wants support for their DIY SEO

DIY SEO Coaching

Do-it-yourself SEO Coaching sessions on SEO topics or tech support ex: Q&A, strategy, WordPress, social media, hands-on optimization, etc.

Coaching sessions can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly via phone, video, email, or local (Long Branch, New Jersey). DIY SEO Coaching provides guidance, strategies, creative content ideas, recommendations, SEO accountability, audit reviews, and/or training.

DIY SEO Coaching

If you are on a content management system such as WordpPress, Joomla, SquareSpace, or Wix it is easy for you to update your own website. If you wish to conduct your own SEO, this coaching service could be exactly what you need to help keep your content fresh, relevant, and optimized for the search engines.

DIY Social Media Coaching

Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube although it’s not really social media – you can be more effective with a little planning and strategy. If you have one or more social media channels this coaching will help you learn how to manage your content and your time along with the technology. *We can also help you set up your social media channels so they are optimized.

Email Marketing Coaching

If you’ve ever sent out a bunch of emails and had your email blocked by your email service provider you understand how critical it is to understand the basics of email marketing. This coaching will help you set up or manage an email campaign on ConstantContact, MailChimp, MadMimi, or any other email marketing platform.

DIY Coaching

The coaching service includes an audit/strategy, coaching sessions, and accountability follow-ups. The audit/strategy is necessary to customize the coaching sessions for your business needs. The coaching sessions are conducted in a weekly, monthly, or quarterly coaching session via phone, video, or email. We will follow up with accountability calls or emails. The goal is to give you should have plenty of time to practice, ask questions, and run your own SEO or Social Media campaign.


Q&A: $150.00 for an ad hoc Q&A call with 1 follow-up call/email.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING: Starting at $500.00 for 1 customized training session and 1-4 follow-up/accountability calls. Includes online training plus PDF printouts. Pricing depends on the topic and the desired level of training.

ON-GOING SEO SUPPORT: Starting at $100.00 per week, month, or quarter for SEO support (billed monthly). Pricing depends upon an agreed-upon plan for training, phone support, or onsite updates. You can pre-schedule your preferred dates and times. If you don’t use a session we can either conduct a mini SEO audit or analytics review.

Additional SEO Services include the Monthly SEO Refresh, and Hourly SEO Consulting.