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If you are on WordPress, Joomla, SquareSpace, Wix or another content management system and want to conduct your own SEO and Social Media this coaching service could be exactly what you need to help keep your content consistently fresh and relevant.

Do-it-yourself SEO Coaching sessions can be on whatever SEO-related topic or support that you need – ex: strategy, Q&A, research, or hands-on optimization. The difference between SEO COACHING and MONTHLY SEO is that COACHING provides support for businesses to run their own SEO/Social Media, whereas MONTHLY SEO is optimized for you.

SEO Coaching sessions are usually conducted once a month, for a minimum of 3 months. You can pre-schedule your preferred dates and times. If you don’t use a session we can either conduct a mini SEO audit or analytics review.

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Additional SEO Services include the traditional Monthly SEO, SEO Consulting, Social Media Optimization, or SEM Advertising

If you filled out the request form we will get back to you within 1-3 business days.

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