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Traditional SEO campaigns are usually ongoing, monthly SEO initiatives, however if you have a short-term SEO project then SEO Consulting could be just what you need. One-time project-based SEO Consulting is a great solution for small to medium size businesses and internal marketing teams. Professional SEO Consulting services include a wide range of SEO-related tasks – from conducting SEO audits to developing a strategy to implementing technical optimization through analytic reviews. The exact scope of work is based on the scope of your business needs and the project goals.

SEO consulting fees are $85.00 per hour. Please fill in as much information as possible and include any questions you might have.

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Project-based SEO has been useful for a number of clients especially during strategy planning sessions and audit reviews.

Additional Services includ the Do-it-Yourself SEO Coaching and traditional Monthly SEO, Social Media Optimization, or SEM Advertising

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