Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization, SMO, is the act of optimizing or improving your social media channel(s) to attract your target audience. Many businesses jump on the social media bandwagon because it’s “free” but they soon find that there is a high cost to the time spent on it with little to no benefits. SMO services are available monthly, as DIY SMO support, and as consulting projects. We don’t run your social media campaign we work with you to create a campaign that works for you. note: we are available to post for you but that is not the intention of the services.


What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media channel opportunities should be inline with your target market. It is important to assess social media channels, be consistent with branding, and optimize.
Content Strategy
Develop a content strategy and a content schedule appropriate to the specific social media channels.
Build Followers
Building followers is often the most forgotten aspect of Social Media. How can you grow your followers?
Engagement & Traffic
Some social media campaigns will have engaging followers. Others are created to highlight your company culture and complement your website.

Why use Social Media for Business?

Your Target Audience is on One or More Social Media Sites

Social Media is the ultimate referral-based marketing! On social media channels your business is easy to like, share, or follow – aka provide referrals.

The days of brochure websites are over. Now people expect a professional website along with other Internet Properties such as social media channels and video channels. Why do you they want to see your business on social media? People want to deal with authentic companies and brands. And they want to see testimonials from lots of people, not just the few that you’ve posted on your website. Not only can you engage directly with your customers or prospects online and expand your referral opportunities but your social media posts will act as reminders – great for when they can’t find your business card, brochure, or remember your company name.

The key to running a successful Social Media campaign is to focus on 3 things:

Develop RELEVANT Content,

Build Your Following, and Engage.

You need to optimize your Social Media if you are…

  • Overwhelmed with your social media
  • Relying on teens to run your business on social media
  • Not sure what to post about
  • Not using images
  • Using copyright protected images from Google
  • Not branding, or not branding consistently
  • Not consistently posting
  • Looking for ghostwriters
digital footprint

Social Media Optimization Services:

3 Options for SMO

In addition to developing social media posts, we also develop the website and blog content that your social media posts link to.

It’s always a good idea to follow the 80/20 rule and drive 20% of your posts back to your website or blog … in a way that makes sense. Our Social Media Content Development ghost-writers can help.

You are the expert in your subject matter. We can help you maximize your time spent on social media.

We’ll discuss your current strategy and work together with you on a strategy that will bring some ROI on all the time spent on social media. Our Social Media Mentorship Program will give you the sounding board, experience, and data tracking you need.
You might need some help setting up and integrating your social media. Or you might some guidance to get started. Our Social Media Consulting Services will target exactly what you need. We’ll conduct research, help grow followers, or develop a strategy.

SEO Plans


Monthly SEO
  • MONTHLY…The most effective SEO!
  • **********
  • FOR: Businesses that don’t have time or staff to conduct SEO.
  • **********
  • – Audits
  • – Blogging for Business
  • – Create Content
  • – Develop SEO strategy
  • – eNewsletter Optimization
  • – Social Media Optimization
  • – Submit to Google
  • – Technical SEO
  • – Track Analytics and more


SEO Coaching
  • Monthly/Quarterly SEO Coaching* via phone, video, or email.
  • **********
  • FOR: Businesses who want to Do-It-Yourself with support.
  • **********
  • – SEO Goal Setting
  • – SEO Road Map
  • – Content Topics/Schedule
  • – Accountability (for SEO)
  • – On Request: SEO Coding
  • – On Request: Posting
  • – Q&A
  • – Review Anaytics
  • – Training


SEO Consulting
  • Anything SEO**
  • **********
  • FOR: Businesses & marketing teams with SEO Projects.
  • **********
  • – SEO Collaboration Meetings
  • – Implement SEO
  • – SEO Strategy Sessions
  • – Website Conversion SEO
  • – Train the Team for SEO
  • – SEO for Website Transitions

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