Take a book around on National Read a Book Day

Sept 6 National Read A Book Day

Did you know that National Read a Book Day is September 6th?

It has become easier and easier for people to read books as digital devices offer access to free books and books to buy. I always have an e-book on my iPhone and even though theoretically I don’t like staring at such small print on a small screen, when the book is great and the large print version setting is on I get swept away in the story!

“books are a uniquely portable magic” ~ Stephen King

I love that term “portable magic”! And yes, I’ve read quite a few Stephen King books and Mark Twain books on my iPhone.


You can get free ebooks and all the best sellers on Apple’s iBooks. It’s an e-book APP by Apple Inc. and works on both iOS and macOS operating systems and devices. You can find iBooks on your phone or in the iTunes APP Store

Free Daily Books

And did you know that there’s a great Twitter account to follow to find out about getting free books. It’s @freedailybooks  check it out and follow them. Or go to their website FreeBooksHub.com

So there’s no excuse not to read a book, especially on National Read a Book Day!