What is technical SEO?

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When your SEO consultant is not communicating with you about the content they are probably working on technical SEO issues. Some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) recommendations might require work from your website developer or your hosting company.

Examples of Technical SEO Issues to Address

  • Optimizing Images – the single biggest issue with websites that are not optimized.  Now that business owners are developing websites on Content Management Systems like WordPress they are often uploading images that are enormous and drastically impact the website load time.
  • Website Structure – there are a number of different things that can impact the flow of the website. It could be poor navigation choices, poor file names, or duplicate or no metadata.

Technical SEO Issues to be addressed by Website Developers & Hosting Companies

Recently, Google issued some announcements directing SEO professionals, website developers, hosting companies, and business owners to do certain things or be left behind. Specifically, they are pushing all website to be responsive and to have SSL security.

  • Responsive Website Design (RWD) – Google wants you to have your website developer design your website so it is responsive, i.e. displays well on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. This highly recommended announcement is based on the fact that Google began rolling out mobile-first indexing in March of 2018.
  • SSL Security for All Business Websites – Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is when your URL has HTTPS instead of HTTP.  The “S” identifies the security certificate.   Why do you need SSL for your website? What will happen if your site doesn’t have http? Browsers will begin giving messages saying “this website is not secure”.

There are many different types of technical SEO coding that SEO professionals can improve upon. The website responsive design and SSL security certificates are just two very recent and very big changes that require website developers and hosting companies.

If you are not still sure if you have either of these, we can conduct a MINI SEO AUDIT to identify specific technical SEO issues.