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Search Engine Optimization Services

Marketing your business on the Internet with Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is ever-changing – the search engines change, technology improves, and new businesses are added to the Internet daily. SEO recommendations are very different for different types of businesses, different business goals, and budget and time constraints. In order for us to accomplish this, we offer three types of SEO campaigns to help address different marketing budgets and business needs: Monthly Refresh SEO, Do-it-Yourself SEO Coaching, and project-based SEO Consulting.  

SEO Service Plans


SEO Plans


SEO Refresh
  • **********
  • FOR: Ongoing SEO
  • **********
  • – Audits
  • – Blogging for Business
  • – Content Marketing
  • – SEO Strategy
  • – eNewsletter Optimization
  • – Social Media Optimization
  • – Google Accounts
  • – Technical SEO
  • – Track Analytics and more


DIY SEO Coaching
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Coaching* via phone, video, or email
  • **********
  • FOR: SEO support
  • **********
  • – Q&A
  • – SEO Road Map
  • – Content Topics/Schedule
  • – Accountability (for SEO)
  • – Review Anaytics
  • – Training


SEO Consulting
  • Anything SEO**
  • **********
  • FOR: One-Time/Hourly SEO Projects
  • **********
  • – Meetings
  • – Implement SEO
  • – SEO Strategy Sessions
  • – Website Conversions
  • – SEO Team Training

*Do-It-Yourself SEO Coaching provides Guidance, Strategies, Creative Content Ideas, Recommendations, SEO Accountability, Audit Reviews, and Training.

ANYTHING SEO** SEO projects can be to launch a new business, transition SEO to a new website, launch a new promotion, target a wider geographic reach, or collaborate with an in-house or virtual marketing team.

Search Engine Optimization can include:

Optimize your website to attract Search Engines, generate leads, and increase conversions. SEO tasks include technical optimization, image optimization, meta tags, and much more.
Keep your content fresh and relevant. Add, update and optimizing web pages. Integrate web content, blogging for business, and social media content.
Optimize your social media accounts, integrate them with all your Internet properties, and present a branded representation of your business.
Optimize videos and reuse (post and embed videos).
Remember YouTube is the second largest search engine!
Email newsletter campaigns, podcasts, and optimizing for voice search!

But What is SEO? And What Does It Include?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is marketing on the Internet. It is often referred to as natural and organic marketing, whereas Search Marketing, SEM, is actually paid advertising (Like Google Ads, Facebook boosts, etc). SEO can be implemented with variations of the following:

  • Technical SEO – coding techniques to help search engines identify website pages and blog posts for search results, improve your positioning in search results, and improve .
  • Content Marketing – developing focused content for the website, blogging for business, social media marketing, email marketing, …
  • Link Building – this is the process of building relevant links to and from your website.
  • Integrated Marketing Approach –  having an integrated plan for your entire marketing will help make each segment more successful. This is where SEO goes beyond website optimizations and includes the optimization of social media, video, paid advertising, and email marketing. 

SEO campaigns are conducted on your website, your blog, social media, videos, press releases and even your email marketing to drive traffic and drive business. An SEO campaign can be broad or narrow depending on your target markets. They can include the development of content or can optimize existing content. Custom SEO solutions target your ideal clients. Geographic targeting is critical to get the right audience: local, regional, seasonal, national, or international.

In SEO: Content is King, Consistency is Queen, & Relevance is Everything. Always listen to what Google is up to. And if it sounds too good to be true … it probably is (don’t get scammed and spammed).

Kate Rafferty’s Rules to live by in the white-hat SEO industry

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