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Small to mid-size service businesses and B2B businesses can choose a custom SEO solution based on their time, budget, ability to provide content (info & images), and desired audience.

Traditional search engine optimization is a monthly endeavor however some new and expanding businesses use SEO to help establish or expand their online presence. And some business owners (or their staff) want support to DIY their own SEO.

SEO services customized the way you want it – for monthly SEO, SEO coaching, and SEO consulting projects.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Refresh

Basic monthly SEO service to keep your website fresh

Monthly Refresh


SUPPORT for ENTREPRENEURS to do-it-yourself


SEO Projects

SEO CONSULTING to add SEO to your current marketing


Attract Your Ideal Prospects / Clients

SEO is much more than getting a lot of website traffic, the goal is to attract your ideal website visitor(s) and provide an experience that leads them to purchase something or book an appointment.

Can people find your business on the Internet? … SEO can help people find your business!
Does your business service local people? … SEO can help target people in your desired geographic area.
Does your website get traffic, but no one is buying your products or services? … Use SEO to reach your target audience.


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Kate Rafferty SEO consulting offers tailor-made solutions to grow your business!
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