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Your SEO campaign can be based on your time, budget, and/or your ability to provide content (info & images).

SEO Refresh is the basic monthly SEO service.

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SEO Services


book by its cover
Judging a Book by its Cover Just Got More Complicated

Book Covers and Book eBook Covers What’s in a Name Your name is your name, you were born with it. But some people have very…

social media optimization
What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization, SMO, is the act of optimizing or improving your social media channel(s) to attract your target audience. Many businesses jump on the…

ebook print-on-demand
SEO for Authors and Books

Let’s talk about: publishing your book, print-on-demand, Amazon, Smashwords, genre categories, formatting your book, and the plethora of other topics surrounding digital book marketing!

8 Tips for a Search Engine Friendly Website Design

Key SEO tips to keep in mind when designing your website. Make sure that it is easy for your visitors as well as the the search engines.

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