Another Google Update in 2023 and News about Spreadsheets

Google Update and news about spreadsheet indexing

csv file spreadsheet indexing

SEO professionals such as myself closely monitor these Google updates to understand how they may affect my client’s online presence. These updates can cause ranking fluctuations. Continuous improvements to the website, the development of relevant content, and the overall SEO plan are critical to staying competitive online.

Did you know that in addition to potentially indexing every web page and blog post on your website? And that Google can also index PDFs? (Google can index PDF Files as long as they aren’t password protected or encrypted.) And now Google can index spreadsheets (cvs files)!

October 2023 Google Core Update

Google periodically releases core updates to its search algorithm, which can impact website rankings and search results. These updates are designed to improve the quality and relevance of search results for users. Core updates can have a significant impact on website rankings, and Typically, Google provides information about core updates on its official blogs, and SEO experts analyze the changes to understand their implications.

Want to learn more about the October Google Updates?

Google actually shares some information. Check out this video by Google’s John Mueller.

Optimizing Spreadsheets for Google Indexing

If you didn’t make it through the entire video, you’ll be happy to read here that Google can now index CSV files, spreadsheets! So make sure you include a footer in your spreadsheet with your domain name or the entire URL.

SEO is an ongoing effort because Search Engine algorithms change, your online competitors change, your business may change, and your ideal target audient/prospects are always changing.

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