Evergreen Marketing & Green Marketing: It’s all about the Green

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Is the business green? Is the marketing green? Or is it just St. Patrick’s Day?

Green Marketing vs. Evergreen Marketing

Green and evergreen marketing strategies are two very different types of marketing. If your products and services are environmentally minded, natural, or “green” you could/should be using a GREEN MARKETING strategy. However, any kind of business can benefit dramatically from the concept of EVERGREEN MARKETING strategy as part of their content marketing plan.

The Green Marketing Mix

The marketing and the promotion of products or services that are environmentally safe, sustainable, and/or socially responsible is called GREEN MARKETING. Companies that practice green marketing usually think green throughout the process of creating the product or service. Decisions to use environmentally friendly ingredients, processing, packaging, and even distribution are very important.

All traditional marketing consists of “THE 4 P’S” – product, price, place, and promotion. Green marketing mixes or combines the 4 P’s with a focus on green products/services and environmentally friendly benefits. Sustainability is an extremely important concept. SEO is digital marketing and therefore an element of many green marketing campaigns. We do not offer green marketing services but do provide the green SEO element of a green marketing campaign.

The Evergreen Marketing Trifecta

A Sustainable, SEO based, Content Marketing Strategy

EVERGREEN MARKETING in terms of SEO is a strategy to develop content that lasts over a long period of time, it is sustainable, it is re-usable. Most people think of marketing as events, fads, and promotions – short-term content. Evergreen marketing is the opposite, the content can be written, updated, and re-published. The subject matter is evergreen, it’s fresh to the readers. Like an evergreen tree that doesn’t whither, it remains.

Well, that might sound very nice, but what does it actually mean? In terms of SEO the search engines are constantly sending their bots (programs) out to find new and updated content. Updating and republishing older content is attractive to them – but there are some potential problems; I’ve seen people change the URL which essentially deletes the old content and creates new content that must be indexed for the first time (this is not evergree).

There are two SEO strategies to consider for evergreen marketing – discovery and planned.

  • DISCOVERY – as an SEO professional sometimes I stumble across content that is getting a lot of website visitors, even if I see that the visitors leave/bounce – I quickly alert the owner to the opportunity and make suggestions.
  • PLANNED – while developing a content strategy and a content calendar the identification of evergreen content can help reduce the burden of producing new content each month and it can be adjusted to become better suited for the readers.

Some SEO professionals identify types of content as evergreen like FAQs and tutorials. However there is a bit more to it than that. It helps to sit down and plan out a content strategy with evergreen marketing in mind. NOTE: evergreen marketing can also be used for social media content development.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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