Case study about creating multiple websites and blogs for a single business. What could be interpreted as spam has been a tremendous success!

Case Study

Situation: A client had already completed a re-branding project and was ready to expand their Internet content. They wanted to attract 3 different target audiences. They didn’t want to take any chances at being confusing to the search engines – or being identified as spammers. The bottom line is that they sold products, the additional content was just relevant to the different target audiences.

Recommendations: Because this client had 3 completely different target audiences for different variations on the product we decided to create mini websites/blogs. We made a long term roll-out plan and built them slow and steady. We also looked to attract the different target audiences on social media. We developed Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Results: Slow and steady is always a good idea with any SEO project. We also made sure that the websites and blogs linked to each other. And the social media took on a life of it’s own with true fans engaging and sharing on a regular basis.