Networking at its Finest


My second year in business and I got busy networking with local businesses at local networking groups.

Networking provides a valuable CONNECTION and a valuable LESSON

One of the first groups I joined was the Jersey Shore Public Relations and Advertising Association, aka JASPRA (this organization no longer exists). The meetings were fun and informative but I didn’t get any new clients, I got something much better – a friend and something like a cooperative partner. And I learned a valuable lesson about joining a networking group. 

Virtual Where websiteCONNECTION: Leigh Stoecker

I met Leigh Stoecker, a graphic designer in Red Bank, New Jersey (Leigh Stoecker Graphic Designs) at JASPRA events. We hit it off so well that after a while we decided to share office space in a new Red Bank office. Leigh designed my logo and my non-WSI website which served its purpose and provided many SEO opportunities throughout the years.

Leigh is now a textile art designer – she knits toys for babies, children, teens, and adults. Her designs are amazing – check out

LESSON: Committing to a Committee

After working in corporate for many years, small business networking was such an odd occurrence. It was strange to meet and converse with so many strangers. And it was strange to me that when I talked about my experience in websites, social media, and SEO … people would say “No, I’d never do that”. I wish I could speak to them now (2023) – where websites and social media are standard business operating procedures. And SEO is more common if not understood.

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Initial post: 12/13/2005


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