September: Back to School, Back to Business, Focus Your Networking

September Feels Like a New Business Year

It’s September and even if you don’t have children in your life, you still probably think of September as a beginning, a new business year, like when you were in school. As you are thinking about your business networking meetings and events, think about reviewing your profile for SEO opportunities. There are four areas that you can think about and look into this September: your networking profiles, your call to action at networking events, your social media profiles, and a little reputation management by setting up accounts on review sites.

Business Networking can Help Your SEO

Networking Group Profiles

One of the important aspects of SEO is relevant, inbound links to your website. Well, there is nothing more relevant than a profile page linking to your website or your ABOUT page. But it’s also important to make sure you have a photo of yourself or a logo. And check that your phone number and email are correct.

Business Networking Meetings & Events

Do you dread networking events? Stop trying to work your elevator speech into 50 different conversations. Have a conversation with a person or persons and ask to connect on your social media accounts. It’s much more productive then keeping a bunch of business cards in a drawer or feeling flustered or exhausted from trying to “network”.

Social Media Profiles

You’d be surprised at how many times I have a new SEO client and I have to do a google search to see if they have any social media accounts because they forget to have them added to their website. And an equal amount of times I will go to the social media business page and the ABOUT section is blank or nearly blank and doesn’t link to their website. So as you are looking at your upcoming networking opportunities, don’t forget the digital connections that social media provides.

Review Site Profiles

People will often post reviews about you and your business on whichever review site that they are comfortable with. If you have a business FaceBook page they could be posting review in the Review section. They might be posting Google Reviews even if you haven’t yet claimed your Google Business account – you should claim it now. And there are plenty of other sites like Yelp where people are leaving a review, you should have a presence there so you can respond. Some business is working only on this – they call it Reputation Management, but the bottom line is you simply need to be where your clients/prospects are so you can respond.

Need help optimizing your business networking profiles? SEO will do that.