A New Google Analytics? Do I have to update my site?

Google Analytics

Yes, Google has just launched a new and improved version of Google Analytics. And YES, you have to update your site. Find out more…

The New & Improved Google Analytics

It’s great news that Google is rolling out major improvements to Google Analytics!

But, what’s not so great is that this new version will be eventually replacing the older version. And this means that you need to have your website updated so that it will begin tracking. At some point you will need to remove the old Google Analytics “universal” or UA- script.

Why does your website need this update?

There really isn’t a “NEED”. But it is essential if you want to track your website traffic. The website information will tell you things like:

  • How many people came to my website?
  • What page did they land on?
  • How long did they stay on my website?
  • How many pages did they view?
  • Did they come to my website because they knew the URL?
  • Or did they conduct a search on Google or some other search engine?
  • Or did they click on an AD, or come from a social media account?
  • and many, many more questions are answered in this tracking data!

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4, that’s what this new version is called, will have a new script that you can obtain when you log into Google Analytics. That script must be added to the header of all of your web pages.

Can Your SEO Consultant update this for you?

YES, your SEO person probably already has it on their list of scheduled work to accomplish this month… assuming that you have a monthly SEO campaign.

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