Authorizing Permission to Access Your Google Analytics

google analytics permissions

5 Steps to follow to give your SEO professional access to your Google Analytics account.

An effective SEO marketing campaign will frequently update your website, at an absolute minimum – once a month.  In addition to frequent updates it is critical for your SEO professional to regularly monitor your website traffic. As an SEO professional this means that I must have access to your analytics data – otherwise your SEO campaign is like shooting darts in the dark.

Following are 5 steps to follow to give me access to your Google Analytics account. If you don’t have an account we can set one up for you.

Notes: The images below reflect my website, as an example.

Five Steps for Google Analytics User Permissions

1 – Your Google Analytics Account

Log into your Google Analytics account, i.e. your Google Account – it is the same username and passwords as your gmail account login. Google has a single login for all associated products/services.

2 – Google Analytics step 2 select websiteSelect your Website

If you have more than one website in your Google Analytics, select the website from the ALL ACCOUNTS > dropdown next to the Analytics logo.

If you only have one website, there is no need to do anything in this step.

3 – Select ADMIN button

Once you have selected the website, on the left site you will see a dashboard for Home, Customization, and various Reports.

At the bottom of this list is an ADMIN button (with a gear wheel icon) – select ADMIN.

google analytics step 3 select admin


In the ADMIN section there will be 3 Columns: Account Settings, Property Settings, and View Settings. Each of these columns has a link for User Managementclick the one under Account Settings.

5 – Provide Permission to an email address

This with where you will see everyone who currently has permission to view your Google Analytics data and where you can add a new email address and assign permissions to view your Google Analytics account.

Add New User

In order to allow me access to your Google Analytics account add me to this page. Click the the large blue + sign in the upper Right corner.

google analytics step 5

And Select “ADD NEW USERS”.

Then enter the email address and assign permissions

  1. Enter in the email address of the person you want to give access to, in this case use my email address
  2. In the PERMISSIONS section please check off all of the boxes
  3. Then click the large blue ADD button in the top right
GA step 5-c

I should receive an email alerting me that I now have access to view your analytic data.

Thank you! And I look forward to working with you!