Sudden changes in your SEO ranking?

google medic update

Google released a core update called MEDIC on August 1st & we’ve been closely monitoring clients’ website analytics for a positive or negative impact.

Google’s MEDIC Core algorithm update

Google confirmed that a broad algorithm update was recently rolled out but they did not provide much insight into the changes. The SEO community has been abuzz! There have been reports of a massive impact in all verticals but with the update disproportionately affecting sites in the health and wellness vertical.

Here is an interesting video by Ross Barefoot of Search Engine Academy.

(Search Engine Academy is where I became certified in SEO 🙂

Ross does a great job showing how a client that is doing all the right things can suddenly find themselves in a downward trend after the algorithms change. But it’s important to understand that sometimes there’s no need to rush in a “fix” things, but it is a good time to really monitor what it happening.

For my SEO clients I’ve been spending more and more time in their Google Analytics and Google Search Console. And instead of rushing in to make changes I  monitor and tweak, monitor and tweak…