B2B Businesses Listen to What Captain Brand Has to say!

LinkedIn just released their 4th issue of The Sophisticated Marketer!

LinkedIn Captain Brand The Sophisticated Marketer

This quarterly print and online magazine by LinkedIn dedicated specifically for Business to Business marketing topics.

We found this issue particularly entertaining and informative. Love Captain Brand! Reminds me of my Connect The Dots partner, Lori Brand who is a super marketer, super financial advisor, and super single Mom!

Here’s a quick review of some interesting articles.

LinkedIn Company Pages

The Art of Building Brands Organically” by Alex Rynne touched on many of the topics I speak to my B2B clients about regularly. Rynne suggests that “The LinkedIn Company Page is the natural fulcrum for a B2B marketing strategy…” something I always recommend. SEO is the natural, organic marketing on the Internet and if business want to connect with other businesses on the Internet they need to be on LinkedIn. However, I find that many business owners are still a little unsure of the difference between a personal profile and a company page on LinkedIn – contact me if you want to discuss.

Voice Search

With the new year and new business marketing campaigns being started some have asked me … what’s the next big thing? I immediately say voice search. And the article”The Game of Virtual Digital Assistants: The Complex Future of Voice Search and AI is an excellent overview. Check out this article and think about whether or not your would want your business to be the answer to someone’s question. As with SEO, voice search is all about the content and a computer’s ability to connect what your business does with someone’s question. The type of content and the tone really matters. Kind of like video, which brings me to …

Video Search

The DeBrief Section with the Big List of B2B Video Ideas. I always recommend video to my clients. YouTube is the second largest search engine so it only makes sense to have a presence on YouTube. But many businesses still can’t wrap their head around video. Well check out this list for some excellent ideas!

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