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Fluctuations in Search Engine Ranking and Visibility

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If you’ve seen recent fluctuations in your Google ranking and visibility it might be caused by a Google algorithm update.

Google’s algorithms are used to retrieve¬†and instantly deliver the best possible results for a search query. Search engines use a combination of algorithms and other ranking factors to deliver webpages ranked by relevance. “Relevance” meaning that the specific webpages have something to do with the words entered in the search query. In SEO, content is king, but relevant content trumps everything. And the recommendation is to not have a webpage relevant for 25 keywords, but for one (with variations).

Update on Google Algorithms

2022: January – there have been unconfirmed as of now but fluctuations have been felt by many websites

 2021: PAGE EXPERIENCE UPDATE – the focus of a better experience to users by prioritizing pages that offer a quality page performance and fast load times. This also introduced the Google Search Console Core Web Vitals to show user experience.

2019: BERT – aka Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers focuses on the context of words

2018: MOBILE SPEED – a mobile speed (and mobile first) becomes a critical SEO factor

2016: POSSUM – more local search ranking algorithims

2015: MOBILE – this was the first step in Google’s “mobile first” initiative

2014: HTTPS/SSL – all business websites were advised to add security. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security encryption technology used to protect data sent over the internet.

2013: HUMMINGBIRD – this update was the first step in voice-search

2012: PENGUIN – targeted poor linking standards, spammy backlinks and VENICE focused on local search

2011: PANDA – this update focused on negating low-quality websites (it hit many affiliate sites and sites with thin content)

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