How should I update my website for SEO during COVID-19?

SEO During CoronaVirus

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Recommend SEO tips during the coronavirus shutdown and re-opening.

When people ask if they need SEO during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown we’ve found that this is a good time to take stock and think about your ultimate target audience, services, and how you can best provide relevant content … good information for your client and great for SEO.

IDEAS & TIPS for SEO During COVID-19

COVID-19 UPDATE – People will access your website, usually the Contact or News page to find out if you are open. Update your website information with information about your business’ status of being open, working from home, customer support, returns, call-backs, etc. Either update the Contact page, the most recent news/blog, or create a page unique for the covid and provide links to if from you header, home page, &/or contact page.

FOLLOWING COVID-19 GUIDELINES – Address concerns about your business following CDC guidelines or your own rules. Provide a list of things that your company is doing, your employees are committed to do, and your expectations for clients when interacting face-to-face.

SERVICE AREA – If you don’t already have a service area page on your website, this is a great time to implement one. Think your your ideal geographic service area. Is it a 10 mile radius, a state, a region, the country, or the world. Who do you provide products or services for in this service area? Businesses, men, women, children, homeowners, artists, etc. Craft a web page that states your target audience and your geographic service area. Consider including a map, testimonials, and visuals as well as text.

GOOGLE – You should have created a Google My Business account where you list your hours, website, etc. There is a covid-19 notification. And you should change your hours if appropriate.

BE PROACTIVE … ADDRESS ISSUES – If you are experiencing delays in shipping or servicing appointments – mention it on your website. People are much more understanding if you are up front.

ALTERNATIVES – Are you offering any new products or alternative services because of covid-19? Mention them.

SOCIAL MEDIA – If you have social media, include posts there either stating essential/closings, delays, and perhaps periodic updates.

eNEWSLETTER – If you have a e-newsletter considering sending out an update as to when things are opening.

To many, these things might not seem like “SEO” related topics, but in general, the goal is to keep your website fresh with current, relevant topics… something that is very good for SEO.

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