The Magic of SEO is not so Magical

For many, Search Engine Optimization aka SEO seems to be a magical mystery that can only be conducted by very savvy computer programmer types. This can not be further from the truth. Technical SEO is … technical, but most of the time, SEO is more about content marketing and making sure that you are talking to your target audience in language that they understand or would actually use themselves.

Technical SEO

There are certain aspects of SEO, the “Technical SEO” that does require more coding and technology, but that is usually addressed at the creation of the website or if the website is performing horribly – such as page loading speed. Often times you can contact your hosting company to get assistance with these types of technical SEO matters.

Content Marketing: the Magic of Words

The tricky part about content marketing is how to present your business and yourself as a subject-matter-expert while NOT using industry terminology that your target market doesn’t necessarily understand. A general guideline is to have two different types of web pages the professional pages and more casual pages.

TIPS on your Content Marketing:

  • The main website pages should be very professional and use some industry terminology.
  • Your ABOUT page(s) is the only place where you should emphasize your company name, “we”, “I”, and “our”. Your website visitors clicked on this page to learn more about you so it’s appropriate.
  • You HOME page should be less about you/the company and more about addressing your client/prospects “pains”. Think of your clients and resist the urge to tell them how great your company is on the home page.
  • Everyone expects Testimonials to use very casual conversational wording, so show how your customers talk and appreciate your products/services.

Let us help transform your words into the magic of SEO content marketing