Tips on Password Security


Find out how secure your current favorite passwords are, and get some realistic tips for how to keep your digital information secure with password tips.

Keeping track usernames and passwords for all of my SEO clients is quite a challenge. Every client has an array of usernames/passwords for their websites, hosting companies, and social media accounts. Not to mention all the logins for the 3rd party products. So when I’m personally advised on improving my own personal passwords, I find that I can’t bare trying to remember some cryptic string of characters and number. Hence, I hadn’t done such a good job with my passwords.

How Secure Is My Password

Then I found this cool, free, online tool to determine “How Secure Is My Password“. Just type in some of your current password ideas.

Here are some tips for creating a secure password:

  1. Use a 3-4 word sentence
  2. Use at least 1 capital letter
  3. Include a number
  4. Include a special character

Avoid using your name, words in your username, sequential numbers like 123.

Examples of secure passwords

Here are some examples of secure 3-4 word passwords, i.e. they are only secure if everyone who knows you wouldn’t be able to guess the. If you paste them into the How Secure is My Password tool you’ll see it would take a computer years to uncover them.  Try to make your passwords fun, motivational, or inspiring

  • Iwalk2miles!
  • Call1FriendToday!
  • EatLessM0veM0re!
  • 8glassesH20!

Make your online passwords secure!