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SEO Refresh - monthly SEO updates

Refreshing your content each month is the best way to improve your business’ natural, organic visibility on the Internet. It is the most effective way to conduct Search Engine Optimization. Working on your digital properties (website, blog, social media, videos, …) each month is the best way to keep your content consistently fresh and relevant. “Relevant” is the key to attracting search engines.

What is REFRESHed for SEO?

SEO Refresh monthly services will add or update your website content to attract the search engines and your ideal prospects, clients, or customers. The “content” on your website could be the wording on a web page, images, meta-data, links, or new blog posts. Each month we will do some or all of the following depending on the overall SEO strategy and your monthly hourly commitment. Monthly content work could include:

  • Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach to focus on creating consistent, relevant content to attract a targeted audience. This varies from business to business and changes for a business over time.
  • Content Edits/Updates of any text, image, graphics, video, etc. on your website. Sometimes content is share on social media.
  • Blogging for a Business is a great ways to create a lot of content without making the core of your website busy and confusing. Blogging on a wide range of industry topics will showcase you as a subject-matter-expert. If you have social media we will usually recommend sharing excerpts of your blog posts on social media so that you are driving traffic to your site and reusing your content. Evergreen Marketing will repost/reuse existing posts/content. NOTE: we don’t create content but if you give us some information we can format, post, optimize it, and share on social media.
  • Technical SEO is a process/checklist to evaluate how a website performs in relation to the latest technical requirements of the search engines. As technology changes, a re-evaluation is recommended. A technical SEO review covered in the initial SEO Audit and SEO Strategy, and performed again at least once a year.

Other SEO Work Conducted:

In addition to producing content, it is equally important to monitor who is coming to your site, what keywords are they searching on, and how are they behaving. Are they responding to your call-to-action to call, click, purchase, or make an appointment? This information can only be monitored over time – the other reason for having a “monthly SEO” refresh campaign.

  • Audits – All new clients begin with an SEO Audit or a Mini-Audit to get an initial overview of how your website is doing.
  • Develop SEO Strategy – The strategy will depend on the state of your website, your goals, and integrating any outside endeavors such as social media, advertising, email campaigns, etc.
  • Tracking – Google Analytics is one way that we can monitor and track website visitors, keywords, search engines, and even to get a feel for your website visitor behaviors.
  • Social Media Optimization – Optimizing your social media simply means that we will pay attention to your social media and to make sure that your posts are contributing to your digital footprint and your business goals, not just producing a lot of content. We don’t create content but will share and post from your blog to social media if agreed upon.
  • eNewsletter Optimization – Your email list is very powerful! If you are sending out monthly or quarterly newsletter, we usually offer to review, optimize, and make recommendations. Upon request we can create newsletter campaigns on ConstantContact, MailChimp, or any other email software you might be using.
  • Google – Since Google is the #1 search engine and YouTube is #2 (and owned by Google), when Google says something, we recommend listening. This includes installing Google Analytics and monitoring each month as well as Google Search Console. Local businesses should be on Google My Business along with Google Maps and Google Reviews. SEO will help with your Google presence.

SEO Refresh improve your visibility and cross-promote your website, blog, social media, newsletters, and videos.

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Additional SEO Services include DIY SEO Coaching, and SEO Project Consulting.